King of the Cinema

I’m not going to lie to you, I’m kind of excited for a pair of Stephen King adaptations that are coming to cinemas in the next couple of months.

First up in an adaptation of his sprawling fantasy work The Dark Tower, which is out in New Zealand on August 17, and stars Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey in the lead roles of what is one of King’s most beloved good-vs-evil tales (though you could argue that every story, especially in the King repertoire, ultimately boils down to a good-vs-evil conflict). Interestingly, the director – Nikolaj Arcel – has indicated that the film will be somewhere in the 100-110 minute range, making it one of the shorter blockbusters of the northern summer. Plus, it is packed with links to other King works; see if you can spot the famous Overlook Hotel from The Shining make a cameo in this trailer.

The Dark Tower also features connections to the other major King adaptation of the summer, Stephen King’s It. In cinemas a few weeks later on September 7, and with Bill Skarsgard taking on the lead role of Pennywise the Clown, Stephen King’s It looks like a much scarier affair, in keeping with the tone of the book. Though I feel bad for star Finn Wolfhard, who has come to Stephen King’s It after a starring role in Netflix’s Stranger Things. Maybe one day he can star in something that doesn’t scare the bejeesus out of me.

So which King adaptation are you looking forward to most?


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