VOCIFERY 029 Scott Lang: Small Time tie-in comic (2015)

Welcome to VOCIFERY, my attempt to re-watch every piece of media in the Marvel Cinematic Universe – every movie, every television series, every one-shot, every web series, and every tie-in comic book, using the Wikipedia entry on the MCU as a guide, before the release of Avengers 4 in May 2019. Join me as I write my thoughts about what I’m seeing, as I see it!

Also, spoilers follow – if you’re worried about that kind of thing, view before reading.

Scott Lang: Small Time tie-in comic (2015)

Yet another pointless comic book. Sigh.

Small Time follows the events that led up to Scott Lang’s arrest: his discovery of the fee disparity at Vista Corp, his subsequent changing of how the fees are distributed, his redistribution of Vista Corp’s wealth (and his break-in at his bosses home), and his arrest for a series of crimes that eventually got sloppier and sloppier.

And all of this in spite of his wife, Maggie, who begs him not to commit this crime, begs him to turn away from his history of theft – of his Robin Hood-esque tendencies – and think about his daughter. Scott can’t do it, of course.

The thing is, that is where we find him at the start of Ant-Man. The opening scenes – following that fantastic flashback/cold open – are of Lang being released from prison for stealing from Vista Corp. And that crime is referenced so many times over the course of the film that we get a sense of what he did, and of his motivations.

Heck, his reasons for becoming Ant-Man are tied to his reasons for committing that robbery.

As I’ve harped on about multiple times over the past few months, these comic books offer an opportunity to tell some part of the story that can’t be found in the film – and that they are so often wasted on story elements that are well covered on screen is a real shame.

Why not do a prequel comic book that gets into how Hank Pym invented the particle? Or how Janet was lost into the microverse? Or how Darren Cross and Pym came to blows? Or how Cross’ testing of his Pym Particle replacement has driven him a little mad? Or even tell this same story, but framed by Luis’ indistinguishable style of describing it?

So many decent ideas. Sadly, what we ended up with was not one of them. Sigh.

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