VOCIFERY 035 Agents of SHIELD S2 Eps 20-22 (2015)

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Also, spoilers follow – if you’re worried about that kind of thing, view before reading.

Agents of SHIELD: Season 2 Eps 20-22 (2015)

I have to be honest, “Scars” and “S.O.S” constitute a somewhat limp end to the second season of SHIELD, bringing things to a head with the Inhumans and with the SHIELD/Real SHIELD split in a trio of fairly action-heavy episodes.

We start with “Scars” (Episode 20): it is revealed in the opening flashback that the mysterious Theta Protocol is a refurbishment of Fury’s helicarrier (the one he used to assist in Sokovia in the final act of Avengers: Age Of Ultron). Due to his role in Sokovia, Coulson trades access and transparency with Real SHIELD in order to take his place as director and unit the factions together under one banner.

Meanwhile, Raina has warned the Inhumans that SHIELD intends to attack – which clouds Jiaying’s judgement after SHIELD come in peace. She meets with Gonzales in private, exposing him to a terrigen crystal (which kills him) and then shooting herself in the shoulder to look like she was provoked. And Ward and Agent 33 kidnap Bobbi and torture her due to her role in giving away Agent 33’s location to Whitehall, which she did to secure placement undercover at Hydra.

The season finale – a double episode titled “S.O.S.” (Episodes 21-22) – are even more action packed. Following the perceived attack from SHIELD, Jiaying and the Inhumans declare war on SHIELD, first driving them out of Afterlife and then taking over the Iliad, bringing aboard two crates of terrigen crystals which they intend to unleash on the world.

Coulson eventually gets the better of Cal (Skye’s father) and makes him see sense, before joining Mack and Fitz as they protect one of the terrigen crates from teleporter Gordon. Jiaying kills Raina, then attempts to make off with the other crate of terrigen, leading to a stand-off with Skye – as Jiaying attempts to kill her daughter, revealing that she was killing the people of Afterlife to increase her own powers, Cal intervenes and saves Skye. And Coulson, Mack and Fitz get the better of Gordon, but not before Coulson touches a crystal, prompting Mack to cut his hand off with an axe.

In the final scene, Coulson and Skye talk about creating a team of Inhumans within SHIELD (ostensibly creating the Secret Warriors), while Cal has his memories erased and enjoys his new life as a vet, and Ward tries to put together a unit of Hydra from what is left after the death of Strucker. We then see one of the crates of terrigen at the bottom of the sea, leaking into the local fish, which are then turned into fish oil. In the end tag, Simmons is sucked into the mysterious Monolith, which Gonzales was holding in the cargo bay of the Iliad, after accepting a date from Fitz.

A lot to take in there. I’ll give you a moment.

I think my main problem with these closing is that it hinged on the Inhumans and their colony, Afterlife. I haven’t been so enamoured with that storyline all season – it just seems like they drew it out too long, then had it escalate too quickly in the final few episodes; sure, things seemed too good to be true in Afterlife, but there was nothing to suggest that Jiaying was killing people to keep herself healthy and strong – especially when we also had Cal fixing her up.

The ending is exciting though. The reveal that Coulson is putting together the Secret Warriors is a good setup for the next season, while the terrigen/fish oil connection will give them something to do. I’ve about had enough of Ward, though; the sooner we can get him off the show the better.

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