VOCIFERY 037 Agents Of SHIELD: S3 Eps 01-02 (2015)

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Also, spoilers follow – if you’re worried about that kind of thing, view before reading.

Agents Of SHIELD: Season 3 Episodes 01-02 (2015)

The first two episodes of SHIELD’s third season are actually fairly exciting, both resolving the cliffhanger from Season 2 while setting up some of the dynamics that will carry us through the rest of this season.

The first episode – “Laws Of Nature”, Episode 1 – does a lot of heavy lifting in terms of season setup: we open with a brand new inhuman who discovers he has metal-bending abilities, with a SHIELD team lead by Daisy and Mack tracking him down and escaping before a mysterious team of agents can grab him; turns out someone is killing inhumans, and Coulson thinks it is this bunch.

However, after being cornered by their leader, Rosalind Price (played by the brilliant Constance Zimmer), Coulson discovers the agents are from the newly minted ATCU (Advanced Threat Containment Unit) and that the threat killing is a monster named Lash, who attacks Daisy during a visit with Lincoln, who is living a peaceful life as a doctor.

Meanwhile, Fitz is obsessed with tracking down Simmons, who you’ll remember was sucked into a giant stone monolith at the end of Season 2, and comes into ownership of a scroll that describes the weird rock – but the scroll simply reads “death”. In a final sting, we see Simmons running for her life on a foreign (and very blue) planet.

The second episode – “Purpose In The Machine”, Episode 2 – reunites the team with the Asgardian prisoner Elliott Randolph, who helps them open up the monolith and save Simmons, who is reunited with the team. Meanwhile, Hunter is sent to bring May back into the fold, recruiting her to his own personal mission: kill Ward, who is recruiting people – including Werner Von Strucker, the son of Baron Von Strucker – to join his new version of Hydra.

It’s a fairly straight-forward pair of episodes. The addition of Constance Zimmer is welcome, even though the ATCU seems to be just another similar-minded organisation for SHIELD to rub up against, but the conflict between the two should make for some interesting drama as we move forward.

I like Lash, even if the visual effects are a little bit naff at times. Though, having already seen this season, I know what the big reveal is at the end, and have to commend the show for not showing their hand at all in the early going.

MARVEL’S AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. – “4,722 Hours” – After her dramatic rescue from another planet, Simmons is still reeling from her ordeal and reveals how she had to fight for her life in a harsh new world, on “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,” TUESDAY, OCTOBER 27 (9:00-10:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/Tyler Golden)

I’m also glad that Simmons entrapment on the big blue planet only lasted two episodes; if I remember right, the fear at the start of this season first time round was that they would drag this out for weeks and weeks, so it was pleasantly surprising to have a story wrapped up in a mere two episodes.

The only downside is the continued presence of Grant Ward. I’m already on the record as a Ward hater; I wish the show would have dispensed with him at the start of Season 2, let alone giving him a run on into Season 3. His death can’t come soon (or brutally) enough, if you ask me.

Anyway, a good start to the season. I’m excited to see the rest of it.

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