VOCIFERY 039 Agents Of SHIELD: S3 Eps 03-08 (2015)

Welcome to VOCIFERY, my attempt to re-watch every piece of media in the Marvel Cinematic Universe – every movie, every television series, every one-shot, every web series, and every tie-in comic book, using the Wikipedia entry on the MCU as a guide, before the release of Avengers 4 in May 2019. Join me as I write my thoughts about what I’m seeing, as I see it!

Also, spoilers follow – if you’re worried about that kind of thing, view before reading.

Agents Of SHIELD: Season 3 Eps 03-08 (2015)

The second batch of episodes from Season 3 simultaneously raise the stakes and slow things down, as SHIELD and the ATCU circle each other while Coulson and Price feel each other out, in more ways than one, and the B- and C-plots move along at a fairly quick pace – including a pretty big reveal about the supervillain Lash.

A lot to cover here, but a quick rundown: Coulson and Price continue to try and one-up each other, first in regard to bringing in the inhuman Lincoln, before he joins the SHIELD team; Coulson and Price then switch tactic to becoming allies – the ATCU lets Daisy and Mack take a look around their base, before Coulson invites Price to check out the SHIELD base.

Episode 8 – “Many Heads, One Tale” – brings things to something of a head, with Coulson directly confronting Price about the ATCU’s links to Hydra, while his team infiltrate her base in an attempt to figure out what they’re doing with the inhumans she claims are being taken care of, and the cure she claims is being developed.

Meanwhile, Ward continues to put together his rogue element of Hydra agents, while Hunter and May take it on themselves to hunt him down and kill him. Their mission failed, Ward links up with another arm of Hydra led by Gideon Malick (played by the enigmatic Powers Boothe) – you may remember him from a very brief and vague cameo in the original Avengers movie; Malick was a member of the world council seen in a handful of scenes with Fury.

Price reveals that Malick is responsible for the science division of the ATCU, and has been using it for Hydra’s gain without her knowledge. Malick reveals to Ward that his mission is to travel to the blue planet on which Simmons was trapped, to capture the mysterious creature there – its name is Hive, and it is a powerful creature capable of helping Hydra take over the world.

While all of this is going on, Simmons reveals to Fitz what happened on the distant blue planet, and divulges the details of her affair with Will, the astronaut marooned there. By the end of Episode 8, Fitz and Simmons discover – and Malick reveals to Ward – that the program Will was a part of was an early version of a mission to bring Hive to Earth. Fitz and Simmons decide to figure out a way to get back to the planet and rescue Will.

Lastly, the monstrous Lash continues to hunt and kill inhumans, before one of his attacks goes wrong and it is revealed that Lash is the inhuman form of Andrew, May’s husband (played by Blair Underwood; SHIELD was killing it on the guest star front in Season 3). Andrew is brought into custody and handed over to the ATCU, who promptly hand him over to Malick; we last see him being recruited to Hydra’s cause by Ward.

So, yeah, a lot to take in. At the time, I remember feeling like the show was spinning its wheels – I didn’t really care for the Ward storyline (and still don’t, to be honest) and the blue planet stuff seemed unnecessary.

But I have to say, binge-watching these episodes over the last few days, I’ve really enjoyed them a lot more. I still don’t care for Ward, but the ATCU/SHIELD stuff is clever and well-written – and well-performed by Clark Gregg and Constance Zimmer – and the Lash/Andrew reveal is pretty engrossing stuff, and provides more much-needed development for May.

We take a break in SHIELD S3 now to re-watch the first season of Jessica Jones, but I have to say I’m feeling a bit sad about that; I kinda want to kick on with SHIELD now.

Next: Jessica Jones S1 Eps 01-06!

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