Recommended by Brooks last year; thanks for that!

So, rewind to 2020 and you find that Gorillaz started recording and releasing tracks with some frequency, each one featuring notable guests and all kind of forming a loose narrative (not that I was able to pick it up while listening). This album collects the first season of these tracks, clocking in at 17 songs and over an hour in length.

And the guests are notable and impressive: opener “Strange Timez” features Robert Smith, follow-up “Valley Of The Pagans” features Beck, and from there its a sight-seeing tour of big names (Elton John, St Vincent, Schoolboy Q) and underground darlings (Octavian, Joan As Police Woman).

Honestly, I don’t really care for it. There is some good stuff here, but it suffers from the same disconnecting eclecticism as all Gorillaz material since Demon Dayz – everything is so disjointed that its hard to form a connection to it. And I know that was probably part of the point here, so its hard to be too judgy. I just wonder if I would’ve enjoyed this songs more listening to them as they were released originally than collected here.

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