So here is a question: what is it with all these metalcore acts inserting randoms electronic elements into their music? Is Nine Inch Nails the biggest band on the planet for these guys? Was Enter Shikari really that influential?!

Take a track like “An Ordinary Extinction” here: I don’t think the synth and programmed drums did anything for it that a guitar and drums wouldn’t have done better – it ends up just sounding like a metal cover of Skrillex.

Fortunately, For Those That Wish To Exist is a pretty great album despite the occasional electronic flourish – songwriter Dan Searle is in peak form, while singer Sam Carter has never sounded better.

My favourite here is probably “Dead Butterflies”, with its portrait of feeling beaten down as Carter sings “I wanna bother God / I wanna feel the ground beneath my feet / But I’ve got a smile full of broken teeth”.

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