Thanks to Brooks who recommended this last year, and who made me aware it even existed – I know Kacy & Clayton and I know Marlon Williams seperately, but I had no idea they were recording music together.

According to legend (aka the article I read), the two acts met while touring together in 2017 and formed an informal partnership, sharing song ideas and recordings across the Pacific (Williams being based in NZ and Australia, Kacy & Clayton hailing from Canada) as the each worked on new music – bringing together their tendency toward indie-folk with a fifties twang to create this album.

Plastic Bouquet is phenomenal, the three songwriters combining to wonderful effect, right from opener “Isn’t It”, into the title track, and on into third track “Light Of Love” and beyond – warm acoustic guitar or organ ringing out, occasionally fifties rock style electric guitar overlays lending a nostalgic feel to everything, while the beautiful voices of Kacy Anderson and Marlon Williams work harmoniously (like, literally) throughout. It’s quite stunning.

My one complaint? Plastic Bouquet clocks in at a scant 29 minutes, which is nowhere near long enough to spend time with these three. This is a fantastic record. Highly recommended.

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