It’s been a minute since Band Of Horses released any new material, this being their first full length since 2016’s Why Are You OK, and a full fifteen years since they hit wider consciousness with Cease To Begin and its massive single “No One’s Gonna Love You”. It’s good to have them back.

Things Are Great is kind of a return to those earlier albums, much more raw than their later albums. Singer/songwriter Ben Bridwell is in fine form as always, presumably energised somewhat by recording with new members Matt Gentling (bass) and Ian MacDougall (guitar) for the first time.

The result is an album that is at once written with the benefit of Bridwell’s experience, but with the unrefined rock of early Band Of Horses work. Early highlight “Crutch” is fast-paced, built around guitar riffage and smooth vocal. Mid-album track “In Need Of Repair” slows things down a little to great effect. My favourite here is “Lights”, a rocker told from the perspective of a police questioning (‘The name of my accompanying friend is not important at all / But no, I never met or even seen him before’). Closing track “Coalinga” deserves some credit too, a beautiful ending to this new record.

I really enjoyed this one, and am glad to have Band Of Horses back in my life.

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