Two weeks ago, LCD Soundsystem performed on an episode of Saturday Night Live, hosted by John Mulaney – and rather than play new material (as is the norm on SNL), they decided to play a couple of the hits. And rather than play a couple of the hits from Sound Of Silver, which turns fifteen this year and contains some of their best work, they chose to play tracks from their debut.

Sound Of Silver is one of those albums that has an outsized influence compared to how famous it is in itself, having had an influence on both indie rock and electronic.

Openers “Innocuous” and “Time To Get Away” are kind of repetitive and don’t go anywhere (see also: Hot Chip), though the latter evokes the likes of Franz Ferdinand and The Strokes more than any electronic acts.

But the album hits its stride after that. “North American Scum” is a brilliantly unorthodox and eclectic track, part electronic, part indie, with singer James Murphy’s stilted, hilarious vocals entertaining throughout (Oh I don’t know, I don’t know, oh, where to begin / We are North Americans / And for those of you who still think we’re from England / We’re not, no.”).

“Someone Great” is up next, an example of how the group does dance-rock better than anyone else alive.

Then we get to “All My Friends”, for my money the groups best song ever, the opening piano chords playing almost over each other in excitement as it builds to the crux of the song, the driving bassline and disco beat and Murphy’s celebratory vocal work.

Sound Of Silver was a great album when it came out, and I think it has only gotten better with age. I thoroughly enjoyed revisiting it.

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