Back in the middle of the 1990s, the internet exploded into a motley collection of websites being created, seemingly, by every single person who was using the internet at the time. Being the early adopter that I am, I had a Geocities website, since lost to the annals of internet history. And then, since I realised there was no real limit, I created like half a dozen more; my site dedicated to my favourite bands became a collection of sites, each dedicated to one band: Korn, Deftones, Machine Head, Tool, et al.

I feel a little bit like Weezer just discovered, like me on Geocities in 1997, that there is no limit to how much music they can upload to the internet. SZNZ: Spring is the first of four EPs the group are releasing this year, following two albums in 2021 (one of which, OK Human, was rather good). It’s a lot of music by modern standards.

Is SZNZ: Spring any good? Yeah, it’s not bad. It’s a little milquetoast, landing somewhere in the middle of the pack quality-wise for Weezer. I was a little concerned at the start of opener “Opening Night”, its acoustic guitar and melody evoking ye olde British music. Second track “Angel On Vacation” gets things on track, sounding like an off-cut from the Blue album. Third track “A Little Bit Of Love” veers into Train territory. It’s all very middle-of-the-road.

Not a bad effort by the group – and I would imagine quite enjoyable in the right situation. But, like all those Geocities websites I created, I’m not entirely convinced it needed to exist.

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