I’ve mentioned Beatstar, the Guitar Hero-like mobile game I’ve been addicted to for most of the year, before as it’s introduced me (or re-introduced me) to a number of artists. British hard-rockers Turbowolf are another of those groups, following the inclusion of their track “Rabbits Foot” in the game, a song which quickly became one of my absolute favourites to play because it was fun and took a while to master, but also the song was great.

Two Hands is their second album, and it is both heavy and extremely tight, the guitar, bass and synth moving as one in sync with the drum work – some of the music here evokes the likes of Muse (the marriage of synth and drum in the intro to “Solid Gold” is one example), while there are definite comparisons to be made to the likes of Led Zeppelin (mostly the bass sound, which is fuzzy and operates like a second guitar) or the psychedelia infusion of a band like Mars Volta.

One of my favourites here is “Nine Lives”, seemingly a straight rock song, except it keeps you on your toes because the drum is on the off beat, another example of the kinds of interesting things the groups tries to do. And its hard to go past “Rabbits Foot”, which is a pretty great rock track beyond just being an album highlight.

I really enjoyed this one, and I dare say I’ll be seeking out some of Turbowolf’s other work.

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