I’m not sure I would have even checked this one out – Aldous Harding sits quite a ways outside of my normal listening habits, and has never shown up in my Google News recommendations – but then she went and put my name in the title and released it a day before my birthday, so now I guess I have to.

I’ve been a bit hit and miss with Harding in the past – I have found her work a bit too weird for my own tastes, though I thoroughly enjoyed her guest spot with Marlon Williams on “Nobody Gets What They Want Anymore”.

Warm Chris might turn that around. Centred more on piano than guitar, its a much more straight-forward – dare I say accessible – album that I would really only describe as weird on closer “Leathery Whip”. The songs here are well written – mid-album track “Lawn” is my favourite – and beautifully mixed, and its lyrically looking inward. It’s a really personal collection of tracks meaning that maybe they’ve been imbued with a less experimental spirit.

My one complaint: the opening piano of “She’ll Be Coming Round The Mountain” (not a cover of the folk classic) sounds like a piece of music from a movie, and I can’t remember what movie. That’s gonna bug me.

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