One of the best electro albums of all time turns 25 years old this week. The Chemical Brothers second album overall is considered an all time great, with various publications – including NMA, Rolling Stone and Spin – listing it among the best albums ever made.

I didn’t really discover Chemical Brothers until they went on a glorious run of success following the release of “Hey Boy Hey Girl” and its album Surrender in 1999, though I was aware of this album because of the bassline of “Block Rocking Beats”, which became a go-to mess around riff in cover bands later.

That song leads off this album, but it isn’t the best track. Listening back to it this week, I found myself leaning toward the rowdier “Setting Sun” (replete with vocals from Noel Gallagher), “Lost In The K Hole” (sounding like it would have fit perfectly in a Daft Punk record), and the more ambient “Where Do I Begin”, featuring Beth Orton on vocal.

Those are probably the three tracks that are the most modern sounding on this one; the more straight-forward electronic music here sounds very much of the time, making the album more nostalgic than anything. But I enjoyed listening back to this one.

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