Randomly, even though I’m quite a fan of their 2014 song “Mother & Father”, I’ve never looked any further into Broods back catalogue until now.

That song doesn’t appear here; Don’t Feed The Pop Monster – a fairly pretentious title given the groups’ placement in the music industry – is their third album, released after a short hiatus, and featuring an array of writers and producers including Big Taste, Jack & Coke and Tommy English (none of whom have had a big hit but have appeared on albums that did have a big hit), and featuring at least one song written and recorded in a tree house in Nicaragua.

I’ll get straight to the point: this is not a great album – its fairly bland, little more than a collection of straight-forward electronic pop music, whether its first single “Peach” or mid-album tracks “Dust ” and “Too Proud”. Even the treehouse song, “Everything Goes (Wow)”, isn’t much to right home about.

The best thing I can say about this record is that it is international quality – it sounds as good as any pop album you’ll hear from anywhere around the world.

Maybe I just don’t like unchallenging pop music.

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