I’ll be completely honest up front: I found it really hard to get through this album. I think those of you who’ve been following along know that I struggle most with this kind of heavy bass, super repetitive, bloated run time, dub-inflected electronic music – see also criticisms about Shapeshifter.

Pitch Black – a duo made up of members Mike and Paddy – are a pretty successful pair, having found fame internationally, working in a number of different areas, and spreading their talents as widely as possible. My repulsion at the music they’ve made here should in no way reflect on them; its not you, it’s me.

I think I just don’t like this kind of stuff. Take second track “Speech” – it opens with a baffling 25 seconds of static, then has a solid nine minutes made up of a fairly basic drum beat and the occasional piano chord, with a bit of buzzing here and there.

Given the success that Pitch Black have found both here at home, and internationally, I am positive they must be good at what they do. But it just is not for me.

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