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INTERVIEW John Kelly, TVNZ Programmer

If you’re a fan of 666 Park Avenue (or just a hawk when it comes to the telly schedule) you may have noticed that the show has been pulled from its Friday 8.30pm timeslot, and will be finishing its run on Sundays at 11pm – though it’s not all bad news: while it was pulled from the schedule indefinitely in the USA, TV2 told me this week that the show will be completing its run of 13 episodes on TV2, regardless of whether it comes back in the USA or not.

FEATURE In Death, Jackson Remembered Properly

Like everyone, I’ve been following the news of pop star Michael Jackson’s death closely, trying to figure out exactly what happened to one of the most talented, most gifted musicians to ever walk the earth.

INTERVIEW Fritter: The Greatest Northland Album In The World Ever This Year

With the recent influx of local bands recording music, as well as local musicians starting to achieve big on the national stage, it’s becoming apparent that there is a wealth of talent in Northland that is going largely untapped.

However Fritter, a new compilation CD of Northland music put together by the Arts Promotion Trust, seeks to bring more of that music to the fore and put Northland music well and truly on the map.

INTERVIEW Gridlock: Not So Stupid

Something Stupid is a name synonymous with Whangarei’s music scene, so it came as a surprise to most people who knew of them when they suddenly dropped off the map early last year.

Now the group are back, having renamed themselves Gridlock and armed with their debut album And You Are?, ready to take Whangarei – and New Zealand – by storm. The obvious question, of course: why the name change?

INTERVIEW Don McGlashan: Living Legend In Our Backyard

When you begin to put together a list of living New Zealand music legends, there are names that spring immediately to mind – Dave Dobbyn, Neil and Tim Finn, and of course, former Mutton Birds and Blam Blam Blam frontman Don McGlashan.

In a career spanning almost 30 years there are very few thing McGlashan hasn’t put his hand to. From his humble beginnings playing French horn with the Auckland Sinfonia, to playing drums and singing with legendary agit-punk rockers Blam Blam Blam in the early 80s, to his 10 year stint fronting the brilliant Auckland quartet the Mutton Birds, McGlashan has arguably achieved more than any other current NZ musician.

INTERVIEW The Mamaku Project: The Prodigal Daughter Returns

It’s been a few years since Tui Mamaki – or Tui Divers, as she is known around these parts – has been settled in Northland. However, the area remains a constant source of strength and a major part of her life.

“I grew up in Matapouri Bay, so being a small kid up there and saw that place grow – we were up the end of the valley; so heaps of bush and beach,” the ex-Tikipunga High School student recalls. “Being at Ngunguru primary and being able to go swimming in the afternoon instead of going to class; just going across, go for a run to Red Rock bay and jump in the water!”

INTERVIEW MC Sabre, Nesian Mystik

CHRIS PHILPOTT talks to Feleti Strickson-Pua – alias MC Sabre of hip-hop group Nesian Mystik – about running the band, their values, and what to expect at their Whangarei concert.

Given his undoubtedly hectic schedule, I was hardly surprised that, when I called Feleti Strickson-Pua, he wasn’t immediately available. But when I finally got hold of him, I was surprised to find it was actually because of the infamous Auckland Power Cut.

“Nice half an hour of work!” he laughs down the phone line. “I was just sitting down for a meeting and then the lights went out!”

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