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REVIEW Stranger Things 2 (2017)

Fair warning: considerable spoilers follow – read after watching.

Among the many, many, MANY criticisms of Ghostbusters 2 – the 1989 sequel to the legendary supernatural comedy – maybe the most damning is that it had no teeth. Consider the hallmarks of the original: the sequel lacks the biting comedic (and somewhat satirical) tone, and trades in the spooky Zuul and the ominous Stay Puft Marshmallow Man for a kinda-creepy painting and some animated goo powered by the collective negativity of the city.

TV Review: Masters Of Sex S1 Ep01

I know this is obvious to anyone who watched an episode, but Masters Of Sex is a show filled with sex. The first season came to a close on SoHo tonight with a rather titillating finale that didn’t quite go as I was expecting. And yes, there was plenty of sex in the finale hour of the season.

TV Review Sunny Skies S1 Ep02

The second episode of Sunny Skies – the new local comedy from Mike Smith and Paul Yates, starring Oliver Driver and Tammy Davis as half-brothers thrown together after the death of the dad neither of them knew, and tasked with running the holiday park he owned – aired on Friday night (TV3, 8pm), entertaining throughout and proving that the brilliant first episode wasn’t a fluke; this is the best new local comedy of the season. There is just so much to love about this show.

TV REVIEW The Blue Rose S1 Ep02

Last week’s premiere of The Blue Rose – the latest drama from Rachel Lang and James Griffifififififfiin, the team behind Outrageous Fortune – ended abruptly. In fact, it left my spidey senses* tingling, so much so that I held off on reviewing the first episode. It just didn’t feel like the right point at which to review the show.

TV REVIEW The Radio S1

What is the nicest thing I can say about The Radio, which started on Friday night after the new season premiere of 7 Days? I guess things can only get better from here. I mean, they sure couldn’t get much worse.

TV REVIEW Agent Anna S1 premiere

New, locally produced comedy series Agent Anna debuted last night on One, produced by Rachel Gardner (The Cult) and written by Maxine Fleming (who wrote two first season episodes of Outrageous Fortune), and starring a familiar face in Robyn Malcolm – and I have a few thoughts after the requisite spoiler warning …


After the showing of episode 1 of Lost series 2 last night, I thought it pertinent to say something, especially since I am the self-titled King of Lost. Okay, thats a little dramatic, but Lost was even more dramatic – a few things I noticed …

Lost Without You

Well, it finally happened last night: the first series of Lost came to an end with not one but TWO bangs, and left the majority of the viewers … err … I guess confused is the right word to use here?

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