After the showing of episode 1 of Lost series 2 last night, I thought it pertinent to say something, especially since I am the self-titled King of Lost. Okay, thats a little dramatic, but Lost was even more dramatic – a few things I noticed …

The ‘Quarantine’ sign was on the inside of the hatch, which would indicate that whoever was inside the hatch was quarantined from what was outside the hatch. So if that was the case, what was Desmond being quarantined from? The monster? The survivors? Hmmm.

The mural on the wall in the hatch tunnel had some interesting pictures on it. One such picture was what looked to be a picture of some kind of giant fish, but on reviewing it later I found it to be a picture of an island with some crude drawings on it – could it be a picture of the Island, with the pictures signifying places on the island?

The magnetic force from behind the wall has been the subject of much speculation – indicates to me that the hatch is something to do with a science experiment.

The old computer equipment backs up the idea that this is a scientific laboratory or something to do with a science experiment.

The appearance of the numbers twice in the opening scene – once on the bottle of stuff that Desmond injects himself with, and again when Desmond enters them into the computer.

… and a few questions …

How come everything in the hatch is so new? Actually, the only thing that is new is the washing machine and dryer. I have a feeling that this will be answered when we find out what Desmond is doing in the hatch, and how he got to the island.

Is Jack a ‘miracle-worker’? I don’t think he is, although you could be led to believe that he is one. Of special interest from the Jack flashbacks was that Sarah, the girl he was operating on, later goes on to become his wife. In other interesting facts the other man who was in the ER was called ‘Mr Rutherford’ – since Shannon’s surname is Rutherford, does that indicate some kind of a link? Ooooh …

Why did Shannon see Walt in the forest? I have no idea about this one, but can tell you one thing … he shows up again in a later episode. And heres something else: when he was talking, his voice was running backwards And he was saying “Push the button. Don’t push the button. Bad.” What button, you might ask? How about the execute button on the PC from the start?

Why does Desmond keep calling everyone ‘Brother’? This has been mentioned a bit as an interesting side-note from the episode. However, I think it is a red herring, as there are only 2 possible explanations as far as I can tell: either its just an interesting nuance of his personality, or he’s part of some strange fraternity. I’ll admit it could potentially be part of the hatch story, but I doubt it.

What are the chances that Desmond and Jack would know each other? I mean really?! What are the chances? What’s more, I think the Jack/Desmond connection goes a lot deeper than just that – in fact, I will say that I think it will eventually be shown that they knew each other very well indeed.