You know what, I’ve got a soft spot for this album – it’s an all star affair, with appearances throughout from Shayne Carter, Neil Finn, Anna Coddington and Anika Moa, and you could reasonably expect it to be a bloated mess, but its actually a really focused record, kind of steering into a more middle-of-the-road rock sound with a slight country/folk tinge.

Opener “Winning Arrow” is a delightful, piano-driven track, leading into the moving “Say After Me”, replete with a gorgeous string section. The album goes in some interesting directions, the percussive “Ruby Nights” one of the most notable, but the album stays on course.

It isn’t bombastic or in-your-face; it’s just an easy to listen to collection of some strong tracks from one of NZ’s best songwriters (with the help of like four of NZ’s other best songwriters).

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