Given the abundance of great Kiwi music around at the time, it is surprising to learn that Cool Bananas was (according to Recorded Music NZ) the first album by a New Zealand artist to ever reach the top spot on the album charts; this album came out in 1982. John Rowles, Ray Columbus, Split Enz – none of them made it to the top, I guess.

DD Smash – founded in 1980 by Dave Dobbyn after the far superior Th’ Dudes went their seperate ways – are more well known for later songs “Magic What She Do” and “Whaling” (both from second album The Optimist), and non-album single “Outlook For Thursday”. Cool Bananas’ opener “Devil You Know” is probably the most well known song here.

This album is pretty good; it doesn’t have the edge of some of its peers from the Flying Nun set (like Toy Love) or the creativity of a Split Enz, but its pretty good, middle of the road, early 80s pop-rock fare. My favourite track is mid-album track “Silence”, with its tasty bassline and guitar riffage.

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