For a moment or two, it seemed like Finger Eleven had hit the big time off the back of mega-hit single – and opening track on this fifteen year old record – “Paralyzer”, a rock track which managed to be picked up by rock and pop radio, added to nightclub playlists, and played more-or-less anywhere that people were listening to music. You remember it: ‘I’m not paralyzed but I seem to be struck by you / I wanna make you move because you’re standing still’.

The problem they hit, I think, is that there is nothing else on this album that matches the sheer enjoyability of that opening track.

Second track “Falling On” was the follow-up single, but it doesn’t have the same catchiness of “Paralyzer”, with its fairly conventional radio-rock arrangement and the vocal of singer Scott Anderson giving the song a vaguely Disturbed-without-the-metal vibe.

The remainder of the album is a fairly drab affair made up of by-the-numbers alternative and acoustic rock ballads with a slight country tinge.

I recommend stopping after the second song. Or maybe the first.

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