The third album from family band Kings of Leon – the group is made up of three brothers and their cousin, all with the surname Followill (of the Nashville Followills) – was the one that really put them on the map. They’d achieved some success prior with singles “The Bucket” and “King Of The Rodeo” in 2004-2005, but it was the synth and vocal (‘she said call me now baby / And I’d come a running’) of “On Call” that was the first sign we were about to hear greatness.

Because Of The Times is an epic record. And I don’t use that word lightly: it felt like a huge moment, that single and the ensuing album – like we were watching a movie star emerging in a box office smash (Chris Pratt in Guardians Of The Galaxy maybe). It was a group doing something better than anyone else who was trying to do it at the time.

Opener “Knocked Up” combines the overt blues of Kings’ earlier work with Pearl Jam-esque grunge, while “Charmer” is as intense a rock song as you’ll hear. “On Call” is a great track, even though it was played to death at the time. Late album tracks “The Runner” and “Trunk” are among my favourites here too.

A great album from a band who were operating at the peak of their powers. Definitely recommend going back for a listen if you have a spare hour.

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