I actually have a long history with KoRn – I fell in love with their debut self-titled album back in 1995 after seeing the video for “Clown” on Juice TV one night, and their second album, Life Is Peachy, was a Day 1 buy for me back in 1996. Their third album, Follow The Leader, is a work of nu-metal genius. And then I kind of cooled on them after that, with my interest waning with each new album release.

Requiem is the band’s fourteenth album – 14!! – and their best in a while. Clocking in just over half an hour in length, it eschews the raw nu-metal of their early days and the overly emotive vocals of Jonathan Davis, merging the groups sound with something more akin to straight heavy metal.

The result is something more melodic than the band has been in a while, without the distracting guitar work of those mid-career albums. First single “Start The Healing” is a highlight here, as is late-album track “Penance To Sorrow”, probably my favourite track here.

This is a fairly heavy collection of tracks, and the short length means that it doesn’t overstay its welcome at all. And I’ll say this: its the most I’ve enjoyed a KoRn album in at least 20 years.

(Worst album cover in their history though, tbh.)

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