Since I couldn’t think of anything else to write, heres a list of ten movies where one of the characters is either a) crazy, or b) goes crazy. Please be aware that comedies did not count (since all the characters in a comedy are crazy). Without further ado …

10 – Lord of the Rings – Andy Serkis as Gollum

Gollum features at 10 because technically he’s not a person. However, this didn’t stop him from cracking the top 10! Highlights of Gollums insanity include him talking to himself in the Two Towers, him talking to himself, him framing Sam, him singing when Frodo is caught in the spider web, and him killing his brother (all in Return of the King). Add to that, the fact that he spends the entire trilogy trying to derail the efforts of Sam and Frodo.

Highlight: “Leave now and never come back!”

09 – The Usual Suspects – Kevin Spacey as Kaiser Soze

The most (in)famous of Kevin Spacey’s “crazy” roles (including Se7en, K-Pax and American Beauty) falls to 9th simply because he doesn’t seem crazy until the end when you realize what he’s done. Cinematic perfection, and oscar-winning performance from Spacey.

Highlight: In one part of the film, its explained that Kaiser Soze killed an entire village of people. When you click that Spacey IS Soze, Kevin seems like a particularly bad, bad man.

08 – The Green Mile – Sam Rockwell as “Wild Bill” Wharton

Falls to 8th because of a lack of screen time. Sam Rockwell went on to star in Charlie’s Angels and Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, but this was his best role to date, despite a lack of time on screen.

Highlight: Holding the moonpie in his mouth, then spitting it all over the guard.

07 – Spiderman – Willem Dafoe as Norman Osborne/The Green Goblin

Who wouldn’t seem crazy playing the Green Goblin. Lucky for Dafoe he got first dibs, and no super-villain has been the same since. If talking to himself in the mirror isn’t enough, the Green Goblin has a penchant for flying around on a glorified skateboard and dissolving people with strange bombs.


Highlight: the look on his face when jumps out of the gas chamber thingy.

06 – The Professional – Gary Oldman as Stansfield

Crazy has levels – going into a house and killing everyone inside? Thats crazy! Being a cop at the same time? Thats more crazy! Letting opera music inspire you into doing these things? Thats just nuts. Oldman also played crazy in The 5th Element, but part of that was his hairdo.

Highlight: Stansfield: “Bring me everyone.” Guard: “What do you mean everyone?” Stansfield: “EVERYONE!”

05 – Se7en – Kevin Spacey as John Doe

There have been many serial killers in history, but Spacey does it exceedingly well in Se7en, where his character bases the murders on the 7 deadly sins, according to early religious writings.

Highlight: “It seems that envy was my sin.”

04 – Pirates of the Caribbean – Johnny Depp

What makes Johnny Depp’s crowning moment as an actor so enjoyable? He based his entire performance on Keith from the Rolling Stones! His showing in Pirates was so good that it got him nominated for an Oscar award, and pirate movies now have a standard to live up to.

Highlight: Sailing into port while his ship sinks, then stepping off it onto the pier – highest of high comedy!

03 – 12 Monkeys – Brad Pitt

Even though Pitt plays a patient inside a mental institution, this still counts, as it was his first Oscar nomination and one of the better roles of his career. Highlights include the “Get outta my chair!” bits, his nervous twitches, his rant about television and his rant in the 12 monkeys office.

Highlight: Bursting all the pillows and jumping on everyones beds to alert the guards.

02 – The Silence of the Lambs – Hannibal Lecter or Buffalo Bill

Double nomination here – but how could you choose between these 2?

Lecter Highlight: His escape from the prison – pure evil.

Buffalo Bill Highlight: “It rubs the lotion on its skin – it does this whenever it is told.”

01 – Fight Club – Edward Norton/Brad Pitt as The Narrator/Tyler Durden

If any movie set the benchmark for craziness, it was this one. Edward Norton and Brad Pitt both in their primes, David Fincher directing his best movie to date and an absolutely insane novel/idea to work from. There are too many highlights to mention (however, all of them are more entertaining when you realise what the story is: 1) The car getting run off the road, 2) The airplane conversation or 3) The Rules of Fight Club.

Highlight: The fight scene towards the end – absolute hilarity and dumbfoundedness rolled into one. Then when its revealed how Norton gits rid of Pitt, it just blows you away.