2.5 out of 5 stars

It would be easy to put Pete Murray in a box titled ‘Jack Johnson wannabes’ and let him hang out with Donovan Frankenreiter for the rest of his days, but unfortunately See The Sun, Murray’s second album, doesn’t allow us that luxury.

Since hitting the big time with debut album, and musical downer, Feeler in 2003, Pete Murray has quite obviously started looking up, and it is this quality that sets Murray apart from Jack Johnson.

The only real problem is that the quality of songs doesn’t back him up for the entire length of the album. While there are some great tracks, like opening track Opportunity or first single Better Days, rockier tracks like Class A or Trust come across like cheap versions of a Ben Harper rock song.

In saying that, See The Sun is far from a bust – Murray has definitely improved his vocals, the optimistic outlook lends itself well to the songs presented, and overall the songs are reasonably good quality – but this is definitely an album for fans. If you looking for an introduction to Pete Murray’s music, may I recommend checking out his debut album first, and picking this one up later.